Blogger Seeking Susan

© Flickr/Jason A.Howie Hi everyone, glad to say that the storm earlier in the week was not as bad in the North as was predicted, though I feel for anyone who was affected in the rest of the country. There seems to be a quiet calmness here at Kease, which is probably because I am.. read more →

Making your mind up..

© Flickr/tiffany terry What makes us pick up a product? Why do we choose a particular brand? I needed some more bathroom cleaner and as I walked down the cleaning isle, I found myself making my choice based on a few things. I don’t pick up the cheapest and think: “what if it doesn’t clean well?”.. read more →

Autumn Days, Winter Dreams

I always feel a little in limbo at this time of year, summer seems to have sailed by and although I love to see all the new Autumn / Winter ranges in the fashion shops and look forward to wearing winter woollies, there seems to be a hiccup in getting from one season to another.. read more →

Double Discount Week

This week, as a bonus for its employees at Tesco, we receive double discount on purchases and I have been rolling through my mind (as I walk past the technical isle to get to my locker) whether I really need a new laptop, ipad, mini pad, medium tablet, small tablet, notebook etc etc etc. As.. read more →