About Kease Fashion Key Fob

Stop losing your keys at the bottom of your bag. Kease is a beautiful little fashion key fob that allows you to clip your keys to a pocket or diary inside your bag – so now you can always find your keys with ease.

Sue SededonKease began as a personal solution to one of the problems all women seem to face on a daily basis – I was never able to find my keys. Forever losing them in my bag slowly drove me insane! With shopping bags everywhere, I couldn’t get into my car or house, leading to many scenarios where I was frustrated and stuck in the rain!

One day I decided that enough was enough and tied my keys to a household peg, clipping it to the inside of my bag or my diary. Despite the laughs from my friends at the elegance my contraption lacked, it was an idea that worked so I looked into creating something that was both functional and looked pretty.

However, it was a daunting prospect for a stay at home mother in her forties to try and transmit an idea from my head into a feasible design. I believe passionately that we should encourage designers in this country and therefore that is where I started.

After six years of taking on extra jobs and reaching what seemed like several dead ends, I have reached the point where I have a product. I have been involved in every step of the process and have financed it myself. At times I felt like giving up but I am proud to have made something that is both pretty and practical. It may be something small, but every effort has gone into the design and I hope it helps you to find your keys with ease!

Sue Seddon


Charm01 – £5.99 (SRP)
This design incorporates the popularity of charms into its pattern and is made up of gold, purple and black it works well with purples, pinks and lighter coloured bags.

Garden02 – £5.99 (SRP)
The pink, white and lilac garden design has an elegant feel and sits well with all pastel shades and tones.

FlowerGirl03 – £5.99 (SRP)
A beautiful retro design in black white and silvery grey and would work perfectly with your white, red and black or grey bags and accessories.

Garden03 – £5.99 (SRP)
A vibrant splash of pink, yellow and blue to clash or co-ordinate with the latest fluorescent colourways.

FlowerGirl01 – £5.99 (SRP)
Beautiful shades of purple, pink and apple whites which can be used to co-ordinate and accessorise with either pastel tones or stronger colours.

FlowerGirl02 – £5.99 (SRP)
This colourway has a mix of deep reds, dark browns and tan shades and would look fantastic with all styles of brown or beige bags.