Keeping It Real – The Pitch 100 Manchester Bootcamp

Earlier in September 50 of the chosen 100 businesses out of 1000 entries congregated at The Studio in Manchester for an intense day of learning involving different aspects of running a business. These were tutored in the form of workshops covering Finance, Digital Marketing, Pitching and Learning how to pitch to and interact with investors… read more →

Kease and the City of Dreaming Spires

Here I am at the end of the week at The Oxford Summer School, looking happy and completely exhausted. As I arrived at Keble College I looked around in awe, the view that greets you as you enter the quadrant is impressive. You find yourself surrounded by a serene beautiful set of buildings with the.. read more →

Pitching To Win! – The Pitch 2014 Competition

Just this week I found out that I had made the quarter final of The Pitch 2014. This is fantastic news, I did enter the competition last year, however I was naive in my entry and quite frankly it was too soon for me to have all the information or have learned enough information about.. read more →

The Retail Factor 2014

I’m delighted to announce that after three weeks of hard work, followed by a month of tense anticipation, I have been given special recognition from the Mall’s Retail Factor! As a result I will be going to the Oxford Summer School this month, which is a fabulous opportunity for me and something I will hopefully learn a lot.. read more →

Kease Fashion Key Fob Photo Shoot

To signal the long awaited arrival of summer, Kease made the most of the improving weather by holding a photo-shoot, to promote the different ways in which our product can be used. With festival season just around the corner, the pictures are aimed to get you in the mood by showing how well our funky.. read more →

Winning & Losing

Hi everyone lots of comings and goings here at Daisy Hill Farm, my son and I survived our ski trip (minus snow) but since I have arrived back things have got very busy so I thought I would post a little update before the next month slips by. I mentioned in my last blog that.. read more →

Mad Friday Looms

This week sees the beginning of the fifth month that I have had my keyrings in the country. I have learned and continue to have to learn the process of marketing, promotion and selling. If anybody could have told me about the huge amount of information that I would have to take in and the.. read more →

Remember Remember

Sometimes your life appears to run along on a theme, when meetings or events that happen seem to recur as if to serve as a reminder to you, and this week has been just so. When as a litle girl I would sit at the back of the church and listen to the Vicar deliver his sermon, he.. read more →

Blogger Seeking Susan

© Flickr/Jason A.Howie Hi everyone, glad to say that the storm earlier in the week was not as bad in the North as was predicted, though I feel for anyone who was affected in the rest of the country. There seems to be a quiet calmness here at Kease, which is probably because I am.. read more →

Making your mind up..

© Flickr/tiffany terry What makes us pick up a product? Why do we choose a particular brand? I needed some more bathroom cleaner and as I walked down the cleaning isle, I found myself making my choice based on a few things. I don’t pick up the cheapest and think: “what if it doesn’t clean well?”.. read more →