Kease Product Range

Kease Fashion Keyfob comes in a range of patterns and colours to suit your style. We are always looking to expand our range and currently offer three unique patterns across a broad colour palette.

Charm01 – £5.99 (SRP)
This design incorporates the popularity of charms into its pattern and is made up of gold, purple and black it works well with purples, pinks and lighter coloured bags.

Garden02 – £5.99 (SRP)
The pink, white and lilac garden design has an elegant feel and sits well with all pastel shades and tones.

FlowerGirl03 – £5.99 (SRP)
A beautiful retro design in black white and silvery grey and would work perfectly with your white, red and black or grey bags and accessories.

Garden03 – £5.99 (SRP)
A vibrant splash of pink, yellow and blue to clash or co-ordinate with the latest fluorescent colourways.

FlowerGirl01 – £5.99 (SRP)
Beautiful shades of purple, pink and apple whites which can be used to co-ordinate and accessorise with either pastel tones or stronger colours.

FlowerGirl02 – £5.99 (SRP)
This colourway has a mix of deep reds, dark browns and tan shades and would look fantastic with all styles of brown or beige bags.