Reviews of Kease Keyring

Reviews by the lovely Manchester Fashion Blogger Lily Kitten, Cosmopolitan Blogger Shortlist, Manchester Fashion week Official Blogger and ASOS insider:

A keyring is always a practical present, but now Kease have made it pretty too! Definitely give them a go if you’re looking for an unusual gift from an independent.

…when you’re walking home after the last train home at 1am and you can’t wait to get through the door. Yep, I’m speaking from experience! It’s a cute idea and one perfect for winter”


Review by the professional blogger My Mills Baby:

“This is one of those utterly simple ideas that solves a common problem”

A review by Charlie Pallet Fashion Blogger and an approved blogger to emerging brands:

Whether you’re clumsy, forgetful or maybe your active! Finding it difficult in your workout fortune to keep your keys in a safe place while you run, Kease solve that!